Car Engine Repair – Indianapolis, Indiana

Car engine repair in Indianapolis, Indiana is done professionally through the expert mechanics at Strange’s Garage.  We have been repairing car engines for over 35 years, and provide warranties nation-wide.  Whether it’s a new timing belt or a complete engine rebuild, our company can get the job done for you at an affordable cost.  Auto engine repair is a complex task, so trust the experts at Strange’s Garage on the west side of Indy.  Call us today at 317-244-2121 for more information on car engine repair in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Engine Rebuilding – Indianapolis, IN

Engine rebuilding in Indianapolis, IN is a meticulous task that should only be carried out by a professional.  We are those professionals at Strange’s Garage.  Engine rebuilds are a common occurrence in our automotive repair and service shop on the west side of town.  People have entrusted their car motors to our mechanics since 1973.  Call us today for an accurate estimate on engine rebuilding in Indianapolis, IN.

Car Motor Repair | 46241

Car motor repair in Indianapolis, IN is affordable after all, when you call Strange’s Garage on the West side of Indy.  We know how to repair a car engine effectively and affordably.   We can provide rebuilds, inspections, maintenance work, fluid refills, repairs, and more.  Call us at 317-244-2121 for more information on car motor repair in Indianapolis, Indiana.
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