When to Change Your Car Brakes

Car Brake Repair Services in Indianapolis, IN

Car Brake Repair and Service Indianapolis, Indiana

Your car’s brakes and entire braking system is one of the most crucial components to vehicle safety.  Knowing the signs that may indicate worn or deteriorated brakes can greatly reduce the risk of abrupt brake failure and accidents.

So how can you tell that it’s time to change your car’s brakes?  By knowing some simple red flags or signs of brake decline, you can avoid life threatening accidents caused by brake failure.  Also, in less serious situations, you can reduce the cost of having to replace braking systems entirely with some simple regular maintenance.

Tell Tale Signs of Bad Brakes

The first and most common sign that your car brakes need repaired or replaced is the high-pitched, squeaky squeal you hear when you apply the brakes while driving.  Most likely, this is an indication that something is wrong with the brake pad.  You see, most brake pad manufacturers include a little piece of metal on the pad that is appositely called an “indicator”.  This piece begins to touch the brake rotor once the material of the pad has worn down to about a quarter of an inch.  This creates the sound so that you are alerted to get them replaced at the right time.  Once this noise begins, you have around a month to get them repaired, depending on the frequency of your driving.  If the noise eventually goes away, this does not mean your problem cured itself and it’s gone.  It just means that the “indicator” has worn off from all the grinding and you are now driving in danger-mode.

Another sign that could mean more than just replacing your brake pads is your stop time.  If you notice that it takes more time to stop your car, have your brakes looked at right away.  Also, if the brake pedal goes farther than it used to, this is another sign that your car brakes need attention.  It could be anything from worn down brake pads or bad stoppers.

An easier sign to detect is a shaky steering wheel.  If your steering wheel vibrates aggressively or shakes back and forth when driving, you may have warped brake rotors.  Brake rotors are not changed as frequently as brake pads, making them harder to diagnose for repair.  However, knowing that a shaky steering wheel is a sign to poorly functioning brake systems, you can eliminate excess car repair costs down the road.

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