Factory Maintenance Indianapolis, Indiana

Factory maintenance in Indianapolis, IN for your foreign or domestic vehicle can be done at Strange’s Garage.  Dealerships cost an arm and a leg, so why not, instead, use our more affordable services on the West side of Indy.  Our auto mechanics are licensed and certified in all car maintenance schedule procedures, from oil changes and tire rotations. If you have a car that is due for some tune-ups, call our experts today at 317-244-2121 for factory maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Car Maintenance Schedule Indianapolis, IN

Keeping up with your car maintenance schedule in Indianapolis, IN can be costly when you use your dealership’s services.  At Strange’s Garage, we understand the value of our local clients, and respect their budgets; this is why are services are much more affordable than other sources.  We have been in business for nearly 40 years, repairing and doing maintenance work on foreign and domestic cars.  Getting your car maintenance done is important to preserving the life and longevity of your vehicle.  Things like oil changes, tire services, fluid replacements, and inspections are crucial to keeping your car safe on the road.  Call us about your car maintenance schedule in Indianapolis, IN today at 317-244-2121.
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