Towing Services Indianapolis, Indiana

Towing services in Indianapolis, Indiana are provided by Strange’s Garage.  We have our very own full-service tow truck on site.  If your car breaks down on the road, not only can our expert technicians cover the repairs, they can pick your car up for you.  We can tow your vehicle wherever you like, at a lower cost than other towing companies will charge.  For towing services in Indianapolis, Indiana, call 317-244-2121 today.

Car Hauling Services – Indianapolis, IN

Car hauling services in Indianapolis, IN are most affordable through Strange’s Garage.  We own our own covered trailers that allow us to transport vehicles long, and short, distances.  These car trailers are covered which protects the cars from harsh weather conditions, extreme sunlight and heat, and bugs.  If you need to transport a car anywhere at all, call Strange’s Garage.  Our car hauling services in Indianapolis, IN are reliable and safe every time.
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