Transmission Service versus Transmission Repair

It can be confusing sometimes to know who to refer to when talking about transmission service. One has to know when and if it is time to have their transmissions looked at. This typically depends on the owners’ manual and the amount of miles on the vehicle. Many of the newer vehicles on the market today do not even have a listing for any preventive maintenance service for their transmissions.

Transmission Service

Typically, a transmission service is understood to be a “maintenance” service to ensure a longer lasting life expectancy for your vehicle’s transmission. It typically involves removing the transmission pan and changing the fluid, filter, and sometimes a new gasket for the pan. The filter in the transmission is there to keep the fluid clean, but over time, the filter can become filled with sediment and particles from the slow wear of the bands, clutches, and gear-to-gear contact. If a person uses their vehicle to haul or pull heavy loads, it is

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critical to the life of the transmission to keep the fluid and filter clean. Just because a vehicle is running and shifting normal does not mean that it is in good working condition. It is important to maintain a transmission just like an engine. Similar to the importance of keeping the oil and filter changed regularly on an engine, a transmission, even though it does not need to be done as often, also needs these components changed regularly.

Transmission Repair

Most dealers will suggest that you have your fluid and filter changed in your transmission at 50,000 to 60,000 mile intervals. If a person waits until the transmission is slipping, not shifting, or emits a burned fluid smell, they may have waited too long. This is when it could be time for a transmission “repair”. When a vehicle’s transmission is slipping, slamming into gear, making noise, shimmies, or has other driving issues, it is crucial that the vehicle not be driven until it is looked at by a licensed technician.
Internal failures on most late-model electronic transmissions can be very expensive to repair. Driving the impaired vehicle creates more damage that results in higher repair costs. A complete transmission overhaul can easily cost $2500 – $5000 in today’s market, with some luxury cars costing even more to repair. When you consider that the cost of a typical transmission maintenance services averages near $85 to $150, you can see that preventive auto maintenance is the more lucrative choice for car maintenance and service.

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So don’t wait for your vehicle to start showing signs of transmission problems. Be pro-active and schedule an appointment to have your transmission fluid and filter changed soon. You will save a lot of money in the long run. For more information on car and auto maintenance and repair services, call us at 317-244-2121. We are licensed and professional auto technicians with over 30 years of experience repairing transmissions. Feel free to visit our Indiana Transmission Service and Repair website for more information on our auto transmission services as well!

Written By: Stephen King-Lead Technician, Strange’s Garage, 317-244-2121